3 points submitted 1 month agomost of those trailers are

As for dandruff, I been helping my boyfriend with his. Use tea tree shampoo and conditioner. There a brand at the grocery with argan oil and tea tree oil that is expensive, but it smells good and his dandruff actually has become less of an issue. Some days it takes all my energy just to get up, shower, and « act » like a real person while I at work. I come home and I sit on the couch and I stare at the wall until bedtime. Sometimes I don eat.

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« There is zero risk of transmission on the flight, » Frieden said. « Ebola doesn’t spread before someone gets sick, and he didn’t get sick until four days after he got off the airplane. So we don’t believe there was any risk to anyone on the flight. » He declined to release any details about the man’s itinerary or flight numbers.

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